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The Law Office of J.L. Carpenter provides criminal defense lawyers to individuals throughout the Greater Houston area. Attorney Jennifer, "J.L.," Carpenter is a former prosecutor who is now a passionate criminal defense attorney fighting for people who have been charged with felonies and misdemeanors. J.L. Carpenter handles criminal charges in state and federal court related to sex offenses, rape, sexual assault of a minor, DWI, DUI, domestic violence, drug offenses and more.

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When Liberty and Justice Are At Stake  

Criminal defense lawyer J.L. Carpenter As one of Houston's top criminal defense lawyers, J.L. Carpenter practices in a realm where liberty and justice are at stake everyday. She has the opportunity to make a difference in each and every client's life, and she takes this opportunity very seriously. She provides aggressive advocacy for clients facing serious criminal charges. Through Houston criminal defense attorney Carpenter's exclusive practice, she has access to experts and investigators who are often integral in helping her clients fight against a variety of criminal law matters.

 If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime including DWI/DUI, assault, sexual assault, theft, fraud and/or drug possession/trafficking, you can trust that attorney Carpenter will work to find the truth and defend your best interests in the criminal justice system.

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 When your future, liberty and rights are at stake, choose nothing less than the vigorous defense of Jennifer "J.L." Carpenter. Contact the Law Office of J.L. Carpenter in Houston today to schedule your consultation.


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