Houston Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

False allegations of a sexual nature are increasing in numbers. These false allegations are very serious-to plead guilty means that the person must register as a sex offender for life. Sexual offense allegations can disrupt a person's personal life and future opportunities.

If you or someone you care about is facing allegations of sexual assault, it is crucial to immediately obtain an lawyer. Contact the Law Office of J.L.Carpenter today at (713) 201-6767 to schedule your a consultation. The firm can get started today on building a strong defense on your behalf against charges of sexual assault.

assaultSkilled defense of sexual assault

Houston lawyer J.L. Carpenter provides vigorous, smart and thorough defense to individuals facing various types of sexual allegations. Defense lawyer J.L. Carpenter handles the defense of sexual assault related to charges that include the following:

  • Sexual assault
  • Family sexual allegations
  • Dating sexual allegations

In situations where children are involved or where the accused individual has children, Child Protective Services can become involved. J.L. Carpenter understands the fears parents may have and strives to build a strong and effective defense on behalf of each and every client.

Does the accuser have ulterior motives?

J.L. Carpenter's highly skilled cross-examination skills bring forward the truth. Her gentle and smart approach can often uncover ulterior motives that may be behind the accusations. Perhaps the individual making false allegations does not want to back down out of embarrassment. There are any number of situations and many defenses available. As a skilled criminal defense attorney, J.L. Carpenter knows how to find the real story.

Attorney Carpenter has been successful in numerous defenses of sexual assault allegations. Contact the Law Office of J.L.Carpenter today to schedule your a consultation.