A Guide to Facing Your Upcoming Drug Possession Legal Case in Texas

If you’re caught possessing drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, crack, steroids, or ecstasy, you may be in big trouble. Drug possession could impact both your professional and personal lives, as the charge may appear on your criminal record and still carries a social stigma.

From the moment you’re arrested, focus on protecting your rights, future, and freedom. Remember, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove that you are guilty, not the other way around. However, without an aggressive defense, the case can easily slip from your hands and result in heavy fines, a prison sentence, and additional penalties.

If you were recently charged with drug possession in Texas, start working on your case immediately. Here are a few things you can do to increase the odds of a favorable outcome.

1. Lawyer Up!

People who represent themselves in court are like surgeons who perform their own surgery. The legal system is purposely complex and intricate. Many offenders make the mistake of thinking that they can “play lawyer” and argue their own defense before a court. They can’t. If you try to take this on, you’ll get steamrolled by the proceedings. Hire an experienced lawyer as soon as you possibly can to start building your defense.

There are literally thousands of criminal defense attorneys in the Greater Houston area. Find one that has experience in drug possession defense and has argued cases in the court where you’ll be tried. Your lawyer’s insight will be invaluable as they prepare your defense strategy with the goal of getting your case dismissed.

2. Examine Your Defense Strategies

Cooperate with your attorney and be patient with the process, providing all the information your attorney requests from you. Walk them through everything that happened prior, during, and after your arrest. Details are critical when it comes to setting up an effective defense.

Your lawyer will present you with numerous defense options. They may use several or all these options, depending on the nature of the case. Your lawyer will help you understand your options and make recommendations to you based upon your situation, the severity of your charges, and your goals.

3. Understand the Prosecution’s Weaknesses

In order to prove that you intentionally possessed illegal drugs, the prosecution must provide concrete proof that doesn’t leave a reasonable doubt in the eyes of a jury. The burden of proof, again, is on the prosecution and your lawyer will strategize accordingly.

If you’re facing serious charges for drug possession in Texas, start building a strong case from day one. Attorney JL Carpenter has a razor-sharp focus on fighting for the best outcomes for her clients. From building an excellent case to finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, she holds nothing back to protect the rights of her clients.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Texas, she also has a track record that speaks for itself. Take a closer look at her practice areas, reviews, and case results before you get started.

Once you’re ready, call JL. She also works on DWI, domestic violence, and family violence cases across Texas, including in Houston, Friendswood, and Clear Lake.

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