Public Intoxication

Did you know? Breathalyzer tests are not necessary for Public Intoxication arrests.

Breathalyzer tests are not necessary for Public Intoxication arrests.

Oftentimes folks come to me with a Public Intoxication charge and they say “they refused to give me a breathalyzer!”

Public Intoxication is a SUBJECTIVE charge based on the officer’s OPINION about whether the person is intoxicated AND a danger to himself/herself or others.

This is a Class C misdemeanor charge with maximum fine of $500. No breathalyzer or standardized field sobriety tests are necessary for an officer to make an arrest for Public Intoxication. It’s simply based on the Officer’s opinion.

Remember – the standard or burden of proof for an arrest is only probable cause. At trial, the prosecuting attorney must prove each and every element of the allegation BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

Also, last week I was a guest on the Dudes n Beer Podcast where we discussed more about 4th Amendment Rights.

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