To say I’m grateful would be an understatement!!

JL carpenter


To say I’m grateful would be a understatement!! JL carpenter has been not only my lawyer through what I would consider my “Darkest Hour”. She has been a friend, that has walked with me for the past 2yrs as my life was ripped to shreds over a False Allegation!! The balance she displayed between professionalism and compassion was unheard of, she is truly a rare gem!! Just watching how she strategically work my case, brought me to the conclusion that JL wasn’t just any lawyer, she is a seasoned champion!! We receive the best news Oct 18th JL was able to get my case NO BILL when presented to a Grand jury.. thrown out!! I would tell anyone looking for THE BEST HOUSTON has to offer in CRIMINAL DEFENSE to contact JL Carpenter!!! You could potentially being doing yourself a grave disservice if you don’t !!!!

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