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The Law Office of J.L. Carpenter provides criminal defense to individuals throughout the Greater Houston area. Attorney Jennifer, “J.L.,” Carpenter is a former prosecutor who is now a passionate criminal defense attorney fighting for people who have been charged with felonies and misdemeanors. J.L. Carpenter handles criminal charges in state court related to DWI, DUI, domestic violence, drug offenses and more.

Call Houston criminal defense lawyer JL Carpenter today at (713) 201-6767 to schedule your consultation. You can also fill out the contact form and someone with her office will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Excellent Attorney

JL was great in getting a great deal out of a bad situation with a former employer. She was instrumental in saving me over $40,000 in restitution and did a great job of keeping my wife up to date while i was incarcerated. Great communication skills and such a pleasure to work with. Thanks Jennifer.

- Craig An Avvo User

JL is a great lawyer.

I shopped lawyers when i got my first dwi. Her and the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to get my case dropped and I hope i never need her again but would hire her back in a heartbeat. Thank you

- Jereme An Avvo User

Unparalleled Aggressiveness. Outstanding Client Communication.

I was charged with 3 class A misdemeanors which included Assault and Evading Arrest. Unfortunately, I didn’t retain Ms. Carpenter until after my case got set for trial following reset after reset for 11 months with the first attorney I retained. After my case got set for trial, I knew I had to find somebody…

- Ryan An Avvo User

The Best Choice for me for DWI Defense

I am extremely thankful that I hired JL Carpenter to represent me for a DWI charge. JL takes a personal interest, documents the pertinent facts, communicates clearly on the process and defense, and got a written order from the judge excusing my appearance at a preliminary hearing since I live 700 miles away in another…

- Mark An Avvo User

Professional, Caring and Believes In You. A Great And Experienced Attorney

During the course of life unforeseen things may happen. I was recently faced with two felony accounts and life felt like it completely stopped. I reached out to a very close friend that’s a retired Attorney and well known to the community. He replied with JL’s contact information and I contacted her within 2 days…

- anonymous An Avvo User

Trustful Lawyer!!

Handled everything like it should be handled!! Trusted her to do her job and did that and much more. A big thanks!!

- anonymous An Avvo User

To say I’m grateful would be an understatement!!

JL carpenter   To say I’m grateful would be a understatement!! JL carpenter has been not only my lawyer through what I would consider my “Darkest Hour”. She has been a friend, that has walked with me for the past 2yrs as my life was ripped to shreds over a False Allegation!! The balance she…

- anonymous An Avvo User

Thankful for J.L.

Contacting J.L. about a pending criminal case was the best decision I could have ever made. J.L. has many contacts within the legal and law enforcement communities which help her, and her clients find out information quickly. J.L. was able to access the police report related to my case and quickly let me know that…

- anonymous An Avvo User

JL is a winner!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and results I received from JL’s representation! She was always available when I needed to speak to her and returned my emails quicker than any attorney I’ve had in the past. JL fought for me from the day I hired her, instead of just sitting on my…

- Lindsay An Avvo User


As one of Houston’s more experienced criminal defense lawyers, J.L. Carpenter practices in a realm where liberty and justice are at stake every day. She has the opportunity to make a difference in each and every client’s life, and she takes this opportunity very seriously. She provides aggressive advocacy for clients facing serious criminal charges. Through Houston criminal defense attorney Carpenter’s exclusive practice, she has access to experts and investigators who are often an integral part of helping her clients fight against a variety of criminal law matters.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime including DWI/DUI, assault, domestic violence, theft, fraud and/or drug possession/trafficking, you can trust that Attorney J.L. Carpenter will work to find the truth and defend your best interests in the criminal justice system.

Attorney J.L. Carpenter represented the defendant in the jury trial - State of Texas v. Antonio Armstrong, Jr.


When you hire a lawyer, you are paying for a representative. Choose someone who is well-trained in the law. Choose someone who is well-respected. Choose someone who believes in you and your case.

Potential clients should interview multiple lawyers before finally retaining an attorney. This is one of the most important matters in your life. Hire someone who you trust to be your voice and stand up for your rights.

And when you are ready to develop an aggressive defense with a compassionate lawyer who has your best interests at heart, call Attorney J.L. Carpenter.

(TOP) Investigator Jim Willis and Attorney JL Carpenter speaking at Texas Association of Licensed Investigators Seminar (also pictured, Martin Reternia, TALI Houston Director); (BOTTOM) Attorney JL Carpenter accompanying client and client’s support team while appearing on the Dr. Phil Show.