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Criminal Defense Lawyer in League City

Whether you’re facing charges for DWI, DUI, drug possession, domestic violence, or any other criminal offense, you should fully understand the magnitude of your situation and make an informed decision accordingly. In many cases, people underestimate the gravity of their circumstances and end up making an impulsive decision that does more damage than good.

Amidst the confusion, stress, and anxiety, take a quick moment to yourself. You cannot fight this on your own. Make sure you call an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer like Attorney JL Carpenter, as soon as possible.

Credibility and Trust

Attorney JL Carpenter has a track record of fighting vigorously for her clients in League City. She leverages her extensive experience as a prosecutor to build a strong case that neutralizes even the most rigid strategies mounted by prosecutors.

By committing to your case, she carefully collects evidence and works tirelessly to build a case that defends your rights in court. No matter how shaky the foundation you think your case may be, you still have rights under the Constitution. JL will leverage her insight and strategizing skills to strengthen your advantages and work to establish reasonable doubt in the mind of jurors.

Over the years, JL has worked on many cases. For example, in 2019, she represented the defendant in the jury trial, State of Texas v. Antonio Armstrong, Jr. She understands that you’re putting your trust, freedom, and future into her hands. That’s something she doesn’t take lightly.

Areas of Practice

Attorney JL Carpenter’s practice areas include:

  • DUIs/DWIs and Related Traffic Offenses/Driving Violations
  • Drug Offenses (e.g. trafficking, possession, possession with intent to sell, manufacturing)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Violent Crimes (e.g. assault, assault with a deadly weapon, murder)
  • Financial Crimes (e.g. theft, embezzlement, burglary, money laundering, fraud, credit card theft)
  • Gambling
  • Sex Offenses
  • Robbery and Aggravated/Armed Robbery

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Build a Strong Case in League City Today

Struggling to navigate the arrest process in League City? If you were recently charged with a serious crime, call (713) 561-5931 to schedule your consultation with Attorney JL Carpenter. She’ll walk you through each detail to help you feel prepared and more confident in the outcome of your case.

You can also browse through her reviews to see what her past clients say about her. For more insight into how you can protect your rights when charged with a criminal offenses, watch these videos.