Criminal Defense

Attorney J.L. Carpenter is a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor who aggressively defends Driving While Intoxicated cases (DWI), Assaults and Domestic Violence allegations, drug possession as well as many other criminal allegations.

Having practiced criminal law both as a former prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney, she understands the approach the state will take in a criminal case and will mount the most aggressive defense to champion her clients’ rights.

She knows that her role as a criminal defense attorney is to protect her clients’ Constitutional Rights by successfully bringing the truth to light for them. She is a voice for those who may not have a voice representing whom she calls “the misunderstood.”

Criminal Defense and Extenuating Circumstances

J.L.’s clients trust her with the most serious matters in their lives because she is relentless and takes the time to understand them, their personal lives, and how these factors may play a role in building the best possible defense. She knows there are many underlying causes for why folks find themselves in the criminal justice system including alcoholism and substance abuse or addiction. J.L. has many years of experience and knowledge as well as continuing education that make her effective at addressing these issues so that her clients may become healthier over the course of her representation.

A Beacon of Hope As You Face Criminal Charges

After being arrested and making bond, many of J.L.’s clients fear the unknown. For many, this is a first-time offense and they’re worried about their futures. They need someone who will comfort them and answer their questions while helping them understand their legal situation and the choices they must make. Then she will lay out a solid defense plan based upon the facts and exposing the flaws in the State’s case against them.

Earned Credibility and Trust

Over the many years of J.L.’s legal career, she has earned her clients’ trust as well as the respect of her colleagues including prosecutors, judges, other criminal defense attorneys. But most importantly, the court staff across the various courts including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, and Galveston County knows her as a tough, ethical, and highly skilled lawyer who cares about her clients.

Fearless Defense

The old adage is true, “You get what you pay for.” There are many lawyers who do not try cases to juries. They will take a client’s money and then sell them out to a plea deal instead of taking the client’s case to trial. J.L. is a skilled and tested trial lawyer with a lengthy record of court victories who does not shy away from a fight.

When your freedom, reputation, and future are being prosecuted, you need an experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer with a great reputation among the legal community. Call us for a consultation.

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