10 Things to Know if Stopped for DWI

Stopped for DWI

What happens if you are pulled over for DWI this holiday season?

10 Things to Know if Stopped for DWI/DUI

  1. Best practice is to not drink then drive – take Uber, plan ahead, get a Designated Driver – all are much cheaper than a $10,000 DWI!
  2. If you are pulled over after drinking alcohol, turn on your blinker and make a safe stop as soon as practical. Pull to the RIGHT!
  3. Roll down your window and then place your hands back on the steering wheel until the officer directs you otherwise.
  4. Provide your license and proof of insurance to the officer when requested.
  5. Everything you say and do is being recorded! The officer is building his or her case.
  6. You do NOT have to engage in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests – that is your choice. Just know that if you do or if you do not, you will probably be arrested anyway. Better to fight it in the courtroom than argue on the street.
  7. If you are being arrested, ask if you may make a phone call to let someone know so they can start working on making your bond.
  8. Be polite.
  9. When released from jail, you will want to shower, eat and sleep. Do it.
  10. Call an experienced DWI Lawyer to defend you against this serious charge that can have lasting implications on your life.

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