3 Reasons Why Expungement of Your DWI Arrest Should Be Your #1 New Year’s Resolution

Criminal expungement is the process of erasing the criminal record after your DWI case is dismissed or you’ve been found innocent of the charges, leaving you with a clean criminal record slate. As a result, expunged records don’t appear in background checks, making it look like the offense never happened.

If you were arrested for DWI, or another misdemeanor or felony, and your charges were dropped, your case was dismissed, or you were found not guilty, your arrest is still part of your criminal record. If you were convicted of your charges and served probation, you won’t qualify for expungement.

Having your record expunged reopens great opportunities.

1. Revitalize Your Career Opportunities

Many people are held back from pursuing better job opportunities because of their criminal record. Employers can legally deny jobs to people who were arrested or convicted at some point.

Irrespective of how many years have passed, employers can make any decision they want based on your criminal record. By applying for expungement, you’ll overcome this obstacle and can start applying for new jobs without any hesitation.

2. Rent a Better Place

Have you been thinking of renting a new place and starting a family? As your landlord runs a background check, your criminal record may hold them back from offering you a lease.

In some cases, landlords charge a higher rent or deposit to people who have been previously arrested or convicted. When you get your criminal record expunged, you’ll face no such issues. Each time a landlord runs a background check, there will be zero red flags.

3. Get a Loan or a Better Loan

Like landlords, loan officers also run background checks. So if you try to take out a loan for a new home and have an arrest on your record, the lending company could deny you the loan or charge you a higher interest rate. Having a clean criminal record increases your chances of getting a loan or more favorable rates.

By getting your record expunged, you’ll hit the reset button on your social credibility and open up opportunities that were there prior to your arrest. You’ll also gain much-needed peace of mind and be able to live your life like anyone else.

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