Can I Spend Christmas with My Family After an Arrest?

The holidays are the perfect time to gather ’round your loved ones and spend some much-needed quality time. Unfortunately, in many cases, the holidays can breed conflict among family members, and it also means parties with alcohol being served. This means a spike in arrests for family violence and DWI.

However, if you were recently arrested, you may feel like a wrench has been thrown into your plans. In this blog, we’ll help you understand whether you can still spend Christmas with your family after an arrest.

1. Contact an Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer

Nobody wants to spend Christmas behind bars, but it has a lot to do with the timing of your arrest. Depending on your charges—misdemeanor or felony—you could be facing weeks or just a few hours behind bars, depending on whether you make bail in time. For example, if you’re jailed on Christmas or New Year’s Eve for a first-offense DWI charge, you may be able to make bail and be out within 24 hours.

If it’s a felony DWI charge, where it’s your second or more offense, your blood alcohol content is .15 or more, and/or there was an accident and someone was injured or worse, you will likely have to wait in jail until the following Monday or Tuesday to go to court.

As soon as you are able, call a family member to make bail and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to start your defense. Your attorney may be helpful in expediting your release after you’ve posted bail. All of this depends on the judge’s discretion.

2. Act Quickly

a man making a phone call to his criminal defense lawyer from prison

You will have the opportunity to make a call while in jail. Call a family member or a friend to post bail, then have them call your lawyer. Attorney JL Carpenter has decades of experience with those facing criminal charges, from domestic violence to DWI and DUI. As soon as you can, contact her to help you understand the process and your options so that you may spend Christmas with your family after your arrest.

3. Keep Your Family in the Loop

People often try to hide an arrest from their family, but that’s a mistake if your family is understanding and supportive—you’ll need them now more than ever.

Keep your family in the loop so you can get their support, access to financial resources, and referral to a criminal defense attorney. It’s not necessary to share your arrest with your entire family, but you should share it with your spouse, a parent, or a sibling.

This will help you get much-needed support, guidance, reassurance, and comfort. Facing criminal charges is stressful, and having a solid family support system is crucial for maintaining your mental well-being during a time of great uncertainty. A good lawyer and support from friends and family will go a long way toward making the holidays less stressful for you.

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