House Bill 1927 Permitless Carry Gun Bill: What Does It Mean for You?

After pushing for the permit-free possession of handguns, Senate Republicans in Texas were successful in passing House Bill 1927, which allows citizens, beginning in September 2021, to bear arms without requiring a state-issued permit (license). What does this mean for you? Continue reading for more information.

House Bill 1927 Explained

House Bill 1927 enables Texans to carry handguns without a license as long as the citizens aren’t prohibited to do so by state or federal laws. In other words, you can freely carry handguns—openly or concealed. This is a big win for gun rights activists across Texas. While Democrats have been urging Republicans to reconsider their position, House Bill 1927 has been successfully approved.

Under Texas law, citizens were previously required to submit fingerprints and complete a training session of between four and six hours in order to carry a handgun. In addition, they also had to pass a shooting proficiency exam and another written exam. Since Texans aren’t required to possess a license to carry firearms anymore, these training courses are not mandatory.

Exercise Your Gun Rights Responsibly

The Second Amendment under the United States Constitution allows for any citizen to legally keep and bear arms. As a citizen, make sure you exercise your gun rights with responsibility. While House Bill 1927 enables people to protect themselves and the law says that you no longer need training, gun experts recommend at least a minimal amount of training so that you know how to handle the weapon.

A gun in the wrong hands—legally or illegally—can get someone hurt, or worse, killed. We recommend not just minimal training, but as much as you can afford. Most shooting ranges either offer CHL (Concealed Handgun License) training or have relationships with trainers who can teach you how to safely carry and handle a gun.

Your Gun Rights Can Still Be Revoked.

With the new laws, your gun rights are limited if you have been convicted of many crimes, like misdemeanor DWI or a felony such as assault or domestic violence. If you own a gun and are facing criminal charges, make sure you protect your gun rights by consulting an experienced lawyer who will fight hard for them.

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