How to Find the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Drug Offense in Texas

Getting charged with possession, trafficking, or manufacturing of drugs can affect your freedom and future. If the case isn’t handled with skill and care, you could potentially face prison time, pay exorbitant fines, and relinquish a lot of your privileges and rights.

If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer for drug offenses in Texas, make sure you do your due diligence. Your attorney should have the right qualities to ensure that you get the representation you deserve.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when researching and talking to lawyers that you’re considering to represent you.

1. Experience

When it comes to handling complex drug offense cases, experience is one of the best qualities your lawyer should have. Without the experience, it’s likely that they may miss opportunities whether it’s in how law enforcement handled your arrest or nuances in the law that could mean the difference between innocence and guilt. Do they understand correct police arrest procedures? If there’s dashcam video from the law enforcement agency, did police follow the law and those procedures? Were you properly read your rights? Was the officer abusive?

An attorney with less experience may struggle to anticipate how the State and jury will react to the evidence and arguments being presented. And, as the pressure builds in court, they may face new hurdles that they’ve never encountered before and the case can easily slip away. As the accused, you may end up paying the price. As a rule of thumb, hire an attorney who has extensive experience in handling cases involving drug charges.

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2. Aggressiveness and Passion

If you’re dealing with serious drug charges, you need to aggressively go to battle with a strong case that will bring reasonable doubt into the minds of a jury. With so much at stake—your job, your reputation and social standing—your attorney should bring passion to your defense and search caselaw for every opportunity to get you a favorable outcome.

Your attorney is the only barrier that stands between you and the full power of our government. Their role, as sworn officers of the court, is to uphold the law and the rights of all individuals under the United States Constitution. They should be fully committed to building the strongest case possible to protect your rights mounting a passionate defense.

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