Unparalleled Aggressiveness. Outstanding Client Communication.

I was charged with 3 class A misdemeanors which included Assault and Evading Arrest.

Unfortunately, I didn’t retain Ms. Carpenter until after my case got set for trial following reset after reset for 11 months with the first attorney I retained. After my case got set for trial, I knew I had to find somebody more aggressive to fight for me and take control of the case. I needed somebody proactive; I couldn’t risk sticking with the same counsel who had not presented (nor listened to) any of the evidence I had provided. The passive nature of my original counsel allowed time for the prosecution to build a stronger case on me without any rebuttal and once they set it for trial, I realized I was going to lose my freedom for a very long time if I didn’t find somebody more competent to represent me.


All it took was meeting Ms. Carpenter in our initial consultation for me to see that she was exactly what I was looking for. I felt hopeful for the first time in 11 months as she had me present everything I had been trying to provide my previous attorney. She listened attentively, took notes, asked questions, and provided feedback on how she would handle my case. With only a month until my trial, I knew it was unlikely that the judge would grant my motion to change counsel. Ms. Carpenter assured me that should she be unsuccessful with getting the motion granted, that she would return to me a full and complete refund.


I retained Ms. Carpenter and she immediately kicked into high gear and went to work on my case. Within a week, we had our first win – she successfully got the motion to change counsel granted.


Her exceptional work didn’t stop there; she filed a motion for discovery and reached out to the DA (both things my previous attorney failed to do).


From there we learned that we had an uphill battle to climb. The DA had taken full advantage of my first attorneys passive style and was able to build a case they were so confident in that they were unwilling to offer any kind of plea deal and were firm on proceeding to take my case to trial the next month.

Over that month, Ms. Carpenter actively kept me up to speed with my case as she prepared for trial. She never failed to respond quickly to any inquires, regardless of time or even if it was the weekend. Communication with Ms. Carpenter was phenomenal. She requested communication to be done through email and I was weary of this initially. That fear quickly faded because she always responded as quickly as a text message.


The week before the trial, Ms. Carpenter was able to successfully present enough of our defense to the DA to make them change their minds about being ready for court. The prosecution, who just a few weeks before, were steadfast with the date for the upcoming trial and their preparedness for it, were now leery and ended up requesting a continuance due to the work of Ms. Carpenter.


Ms. Carpenters previous experience from working as a prosecutor showed during the continuance. She kept fighting for me, presenting more and more of my case, until finally the unimaginable happened – she was able to get ALL THREE of my cases DISMISSED.


Not only did she successfully fight my cases all the way to dismissal, she did it without me ever having to step foot in a court room.


I have never met an attorney this aggressive, tentative, and detail oriented. The unprecedented client communication she provided meant I was never left in the dark which helped my nerves during the entire process. The quality of her work is above and beyond any other attorney in the Houston area and I highly recommend Ms. Carpenter because of that.


I never write reviews about anything but it was such an arduous process finding a reputable attorney and my experience with Ms. Carpenter though was so positive that I have to share with the hopes that I can spare somebody else that struggle of finding a top-notch attorney who wont let you down and successfully win your case.