The Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing: How to Get Your Suspended Driver’s License Reinstated After Your DWI Arrest

If you are facing DWI charges and you refused or failed the breath or blood test, your driver’s license was automatically suspended. At this point, you are facing two separate legal procedures: your DWI criminal charges and the civil administrative license revocation (or ALR) hearing to get your driver’s license reinstated. Here are a few things you need to know about the ALR hearing and how to prepare for it.

What Is the ALR Hearing?

The ALR hearing is a civil hearing during which you contest your license suspension. Your license will be automatically suspended when you get a DWI. Suspension is also at risk of happening when you refuse to take the breath and blood tests. You have the right to challenge this decision.

Is the ALR Hearing Part of My DWI Case?

The ALR hearing is not part of your criminal DWI case. A DWI results in two notable legal actions being taken against you. The main action is the criminal case, i.e., “State of Texas vs. You.” The second action is the civil case for license suspension. These two actions are very different.

An ALR hearing must be requested within 15 days of your arrest. The reason for the stop will be questioned to challenge the suspension. If you don’t request the hearing, your license suspension will automatically come into effect on the 40th day following the suspension notice being served. The reinstatement fee is $125.

What Do I Do to Get Started?

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Since your ALR hearing takes place prior to your criminal case being heard, it’s important that you have legal representation at hour ALR proceeding because the state will reveal much of the evidence that it has against you in your criminal case. Attorney JL Carpenter can help you through this process and will use the evidence in the civil ALR proceeding to help her build her defense in your DWI criminal case.

Your attorney will start by requesting a hearing. Again, this should be done within 15 days of license suspension. You can also request an online hearing.

Attorney JL Carpenter is a former prosecutor and one of many criminal defense attorneys in the Greater Houston area who defend clients charged with DWI, DUI, and boating while intoxicated charges. Whether you’re fighting a DWI case, drug possession charges, domestic violence charges, or family violence charges, JL will build a strong defense for you.

Take a closer look at her case results. If you’re ready to engage her to start fighting your charges, schedule a consultation. JL represents clients in Clear Lake, Friendswood, Webster, and the surrounding cities. If you have any questions about your case or upcoming ALR hearing proceedings, explore JL’s FAQs page.