The Rise in DWI Arrests

At the Law Office of JL Carpenter we diligently review every aspect of our client’s case

As restrictions on restaurants and bars are eased after the quarantine, the numbers of DWI arrests are on the rise. While the public is ready to get out of the house and socialize, patrol officers are out in full force. Law enforcement want to protect the community from tragic accidents like those seen over Memorial Day Weekend.  You can read more on this issue here:

DWI Defense

However, not every person arrested for Driving While Intoxicated is “guilty.” At the Law Office of JL Carpenter we diligently review every aspect of our client’s case. Was the traffic stop legal? Why did law enforcement come into contact with the client in the first place?

We review the dash cam video and bodyware video footage. In doing so, we compare the videos to what the officer writes in his or her report. We also analyze our client’s words and actions among other things.

Additionally, we review the validity of any blood or breath testing.

Checks and Balances

During the quarantine, we took the time to watch a Netflix docuseries entitled “How to Fix a Drug Scandal.” This documentary is eye opening and jaw dropping.

As criminal defense attorneys, it is vital that we ensure the checks and balances of our justice system. This is to prevent corruption and illegal convictions. An esteemed colleague collaborated with others to write the attached article entitled “How to Fix a Blood Warrant Scandal.” It is worth taking the time to read.

License Suspension

An essential part of DWI defense is fighting the driver’s license suspension, too. You have 15 days from the day of arrest to appeal any license suspension.

It is crucial to have a criminal defense attorney who understands the various ins and outs of DWI defense. A DWI conviction can have serious implications on the rest of someone’s life.

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