What Should I Do if I’m Wrongfully Accused of and Arrested for Homicide?

crime scene sealed with police tape

There are several incidents in life that make people shudder with fear. An accidental arrest for homicide is one of them. If you know you’re innocent, the thought of potentially going to jail for a crime you didn’t commit is horrifying.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through three immediate measures you should take if you have been wrongfully arrested for homicide. If you have any questions, call us for a consultation.

1. Find the Right Lawyer

Under Texas law, homicide falls into four key categories: capital murder, murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide. The charges for each of these crimes are very serious; you will face between 5 and 99 years in prison. Moreover, you will be required to pay heavy fines and face additional penalties.

Remember, you are innocent until the state proves that you are guilty. That is your constitutional right under the law, so the burden of proof is NOT on YOU to prove that you’re innocent, but on the STATE to prove that you committed the crime. With an aggressive lawyer on your side, you can mount an aggressive defense with the goal of avoiding a guilty verdict. Find a lawyer who has worked on homicide cases in the past. They’ll build a strong defense and offer the protection you need.

2. Do Your Own Research

There’s a lot at stake when you are facing prison time, and you will need to be actively involved in the process. You should discuss possible defense strategies with your lawyer instead of taking the backseat.

Do your own research, actively listen to your lawyer, and stay alert. Make note of any evidence from the day of the incident that you think could be relevant, and discuss all possible angles with your lawyer. The more proactive you are, the better.

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3. Rely on Your Loved Ones

a woman seeking the support of loved onesNavigating the legal proceedings isn’t easy. You’ll need a lot of support from your loved ones. Make sure you spend ample time with them and gain the reassurance, support, comfort, and validation you need.

This can be a vulnerable time for people. As you surround yourself with close friends and family, you’ll feel less isolated and more hopeful. Feel free to speak with people who have been in your shoes. You can join an online forum or social media group to seek support.

We often gain the most strength when we speak with people who have been in our position. Not only will you gain a lot of great insight, but you’ll also receive the support you’re looking for.

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