What Will Happen to My Nursing License If I’m Charged with DWI in Texas?

A driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge can affect your future and freedom and have additional dire consequences if you are a licensed professional healthcare worker. As a registered nurse, you may wonder whether your license will be revoked. Moreover, how will the arrest affect your future as a nurse? We’ll provide more insight in this blog.

1. The Board of Nursing

If you are convicted, you will be required to report your DWI conviction to the Texas Board of Nursing. Under Texas law, this is mandatory. While you do not have to report your DWI arrest, you must notify the board if you’re convicted. The board will then decide whether you have violated the Nursing Practice Act.

Based on its decision, your nursing license may be suspended or revoked. Or there may be certain restrictions imposed on your nursing practice. In some cases, additional disciplinary action is taken. You may be required to undergo mandatory alcohol or drug treatment.

2. What To Do First

You will need an attorney to represent you both at the administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing and to defend your DWI charge. Remember, your arrest does not mean you are automatically guilty, so you need to mount a strong legal defense. Work with an experienced DWI lawyer who understands the impact a DWI conviction can have on your career, and make sure she is focused on getting your case dismissed.

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3. Nursing Career and Reputation

a nurse helping a patient at a hospital

Your nursing career and reputation will be affected if you are convicted of a DWI. That’s why it is so important to hire a tenacious attorney who will look after your best interests. Your attorney will advise you about steps you can take that will get you into a better position for favorable outcomes from your ALR hearing, your criminal case, and with the nursing licensing board.

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