Why Do People Get Charged with Multiple DWIs?

While first-time DWI charges draw severe punishment and inconvenience in Texas, second- and third-time offenses are even more severe. One may think that after a first offense, the person would learn from their mistake and not drink and drive a second, third, or even fourth time. After they’ve faced the life-altering penalties and fines even just once, you would think that they’d get the message.

But it’s honestly not that simple.

Many people end up getting arrested for DWI multiple times. If you’re one of those people, we understand. Many of the factors that contribute to your multiple arrests are beyond your control—issues with drinking or drugs or other psychological conditions that can make you self-destructive, or just plain bad luck. No matter what causes your multiple offenses, if you are facing DWI charges, make sure you hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

You should also see a professional psychiatrist and/or counselor to help you understand why you keep committing the same crime repeatedly. As you dig deeper and gain more perspective, you’ll be able to prevent future DWI arrests.

Here are some of the most common reasons many people get arrested multiple times for DWI.

1. Complacency

Complacency is one of the biggest reasons why second- and third-time DWI arrests are increasing in frequency across the nation. After getting arrested once, people become complacent and fall back into their old habits. Why? They doubt the same scenario will occur again.

Unfortunately, it can, and it does. Instead of letting complacency take over, make sure you think about the repercussions of drinking and driving. Tell yourself before you start drinking that you have been arrested for DWI and it can definitely happen again. By taking this seriously and thinking about the lives that are at stake—from anyone you could harm while driving intoxicated to you and those you care about—you’ll hopefully develop a stronger sense of responsibility for the act.

2. Taking the Charges Lightly

The penalties for first-time DWI charges are serious, as you well know. However, the penalties for second- and third-time DWI charges are much worse. For a third-time DWI offense, you may have to spend up to 10 years in prison and pay up to $10,000 in fines. Many people aren’t aware of the charges for repeat DWI offenses. As a result, they continue to drink and drive without worrying about the penalties. This is why you need a lawyer to fight for you on your first offense, not to mention any subsequent offenses.

3. Addiction

Addiction is also a leading cause of repeat DWI offenses because this is something that you may not be able to control. Alcoholism may not be your fault, but unfortunately it is your problem. Repeat offenders struggle to break out of their habits and make the right decisions. As their addiction gets out of hand, they begin to repeatedly drink and drive, which significantly increases their chances of getting arrested—or worse, hurting or killing someone while driving under the influence. This is an extremely dangerous cycle and should be addressed immediately by the addict’s family and friends.

If you were recently charged with driving while intoxicated for the second, third, or perhaps even fourth or more time, find a lawyer who can empathize with you and help you get both the legal and clinical help you need.

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