Re-Opening America

President Trump announced today a three-phase plan to re-open America, subject to each State Governors’ approval.

President Trump announced today a three-phase plan to re-open America, subject to each State Governors’ approval.

The guidelines may be found here in their entirety:

In summary, Phase I keeps schools, daycares and camps closed and does not allow visitation at senior homes or assisted living facilities.

Phase I does allow gyms to re-open as long as certain conditions are met.

Elective surgeries may be performed.

Large venues may operate under strict conditions; venues such as churches, movie theaters and sporting venues, but bars will remain closed. 

If I were to guess, supportive groups like Alcoholics Anonymous would be allowed to meet again as long as the physical restrictions were adhered to.

Phase II is the same as above except schools (etc.) and bars may re-open under very strict conditions.

Phase III is the same as Phase II except now visitation is allowed to senior homes and assisted living facilities.

The timeline for re-opening America is still unknown.

So what can we do in the meantime?


America’s shut-down is an opportunity to accomplish new goals.

What goals do you want to work towards?

What steps are you taking to reach those goals?

One of my favorite motivational speakers is Anthony “Tony” Robbins. He always says the difference between success and failure is “action.” He suggests we write down two small steps we can take TODAY towards reaching our goal(s) and then take action.  Check out Tony Robbins’ YouTube videos for motivation and inspiration:


I have never seen so many of our neighbors out and about walking and biking. Maybe that is because we are always too busy between work and children’s after-school activities. How nice it is that the family unit is having the opportunity to enjoy real, quality time together…and it’s FREE!

There are also great videos on YouTube for yoga and exercise. One of my personal favorites is Yoga with Adriene. Check out her videos here:


While understandably finances are a sore subject right now, this is also a great time to educate ourselves on budgeting, investments and ways to become debt-free. We are really learning what we can live without – ways to cut the fat, so to speak. It is like pruning a tree. If we scale down now, then we will be that much further ahead when this economy bounces back – and it will. There are a ton of free online financial resources and budgeting software. Personally, I enjoy reading Dave Ramsey.  He has a great Financial Peace course that teaches how to live within our means.


Now is a great time to organize and declutter. Typically, when we hear those words we think of our homes. However, this applies to electronics, too. Delete old photos on your phone, organize emails, unsubscribe to unwanted emails, clean up your contacts…these are just a few ways we can make space in our lives.  You will also be surprised at some of the things you find when you declutter and organize. If you have access to Netflix, check out Tidying up with Marie Kondo. Also, a dear friend of mine here locally, Adonna Braly, has a great service for assisting in organizing. Check out her website here:


No excuses for not getting to those books you have wanted to read…or hear. Audiobooks are great because you can listen to them with headphones (so others in the household do not have to hear them) while you move about the house. Listen to audiobooks while doing laundry, cooking, or other household chores…even cleaning out the garage (part of decluttering and organizing).


We cannot deny the value of good sleep. Turn off the alarm and wake up naturally when your body tells you it’s time. Set a schedule and stick to it. I prefer at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Create a bedtime ritual that makes falling asleep easier such as taking a warm shower, drinking calming tea and turning off electronics an hour bedtime. This is a great opportunity to read those books on your nightstand that have been collecting dust.


Last but certainly not least, now is a great time to work on spiritual growth. There are many apps out there for guided meditations. Many friends use “Headspace,” but I prefer “Ananda.”‎

Pick up the Bible or other religious writings. Forgive others. There is real freedom in forgiveness. Pray or learn to pray. Pray for your “enemies.” Pray for those you have a hard time forgiving, even if you don’t feel like it or want to. Or at the very least, sit for 5 minutes in silence. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but the benefits are more than you can imagine.


In conclusion, our country is on its way to re-opening, but right now we have time. Let’s use that time to our benefit rather than our detriment. Let me leave you with this thought to ponder, “Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” –Madeleine L’Engle