Taking Care of Ourselves During CoronaVirus Quarantine

We can only control what we can control.
At this time, we have two choices:
1) spend time worrying about things of which we have no control; or
2) embrace the current situation and make the most of it.
How are you adapting to life in quarantine?

These are unprecedented, uncertain and stressful times. Many folks have lost their jobs, some jobs they have had for many years. Our routines and schedules have been radically changed and there is so much unknown. It can be scary and nerve-racking.

We can only control what we can control. At this time, we have two choices: 1) spend time worrying about things of which we have no control; or 2) embrace the current situation and make the most of it.  How are you adapting to life in quarantine?


How many of us have longed for a long vacation or break from our jobs and careers? We kind of got forced into a “staycation.” Thinking of just today…do you have a roof over your head today? Do you have food? Utilities still turned on? Is your family with you? If the answer is “yes,” then just for today, all your essential needs are being met. So what will you do with your day?

We can sit paralyzed on the couch watching the “Tiger King” on Netflix worrying about tomorrow or we can be present for our family and for ourselves, enjoying this break with each other.

We can indulge in food and alcohol, numbing ourselves from the uncertainty and stress, or we can choose to get healthier during this time.

Healthy Choices

Personally, this break has given our family time to grow our spirituality through more consistent prayer and meditation each day. We are exercising with bodyweight and hand weights on the back patio. If you do not know how to create a work out routine from home, check out Pintrest for many ideas.  YouTube has a ton of yoga videos. If you have never tried yoga, try it now in the privacy of your own home.

Our dog is loving all the extra attention with daily walks. We are saving money by cooking out of our freezer. If you are a hunter or live with a hunter, thaw out some of that deer meat and make healthy meals for the family. Take vegetables out of the refrigerator and make a pot of soup.  Usually our daily schedules have our family scattered everywhere, but now is a fantastic time to actually sit down as a family and have a meal or two together.  Talk to each other. Where is everyone in life?  What are their goals, dreams and plans?  How can you support or help your family members in their aspirations?

Sun is essential to our health. Walk outside and run your bare feet through the grass. Breathe in the air. Listen to the birds. Take a seat on the back patio and read something positive. Most of us have half-finished books lying around the house or there are many free online articles.  If you are religious and observing this Holy week leading up to Easter, what a great time to pick up the Bible.

Create a gratitude journal. You hear this suggestion all the time, but have you ever tried it? You won’t believe how helpful it really is to take time every evening and list 5 things you are grateful for that day. Maybe you are grateful for the great cook your wife is, or the quality time throwing ball with your young son, or the opportunity to take a break from work and get some rest.

Are you ready?

While I continue to work from home, I am enjoying this time to thoroughly catch up on all clients’ cases. If you do not have work you can do from home, maybe now is a good time to invest in yourself for your career. Educate yourself on something new in your industry. Maybe start job-searching, but just know that while it may seem like nothing new is available right now, in just a few weeks the market is going to blow wide open with opportunities.

When that happens, will you be ready?  Will you be centered, healthy and ready for the job you want or will you be peeling yourself off the couch, shaking the crumbs and needing to detox?

Will Smith always says “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.” I love this quote. If you want to be competitive and land the job you want, then you need to already be ready.

This quarantine is likely to abruptly end sooner rather than later. The economy is going to come back even stronger than it was before this virus hit us.  Be ready. Get up, clean yourself up, get your mind right and your soul centered so you do not miss an opportunity to come out of this unprecedented time better and stronger than you were when it started.

Let’s finish strong, folks! Stay healthy, and let’s use this time positively.

May God’s blessings rain down on each and every one of you, today and always.