What Happens to Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) If You’re Convicted of DWI?

No matter who you are, a DWI conviction can have a profound impact on your life and career. And if you drive professionally, whether it’s a truck or limo, the impact can be even greater since your career is tied to your commercial driver’s license (CDL). In this blog, we’ll look at the repercussions that being arrested and convicted of drunk driving can have on your CDL. We’ll also examine how you have a chance to retain your CDL by hiring a relentless CDL DWI defense lawyer to fight for you.

1. Your CDL Will Be Suspended

Upon arrest, the police will suspend your CDL automatically if you refuse the alcohol breath or blood test. If you consent to the tests and your BAC is .04 or higher, it will also be suspended. The DWI charge itself will result in your CDL being suspended for up to one year. You will have the opportunity to get your commercial driving privileges back, and that’s where attorney JL Carpenter can help.

2. Is It Possible to Get My CDL Back?

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In any DWI arrest, you are facing two court cases: The first case is the administrative license revocation—or ALR—hearing where you’ll be able to request another hearing to argue before a judge to keep your CDL. You have just 15 days from your arrest to request your ALR hearing. If you miss the window to make the request, you lose the ability to appeal your CDL suspension. Make sure you have an attorney representing you at your ALR hearing.

If your CDL is suspended, you cannot drive a commercial vehicle until one year after the date of your DWI arrest. While non-CDL drivers can get a restricted occupational license to allow them to drive to work or school and back, CDL holders don’t have a similar option.

3. What Should I Do After My DWI Arrest?

Upon your arrest, make sure you find a relentless, experienced lawyer to represent your interests in court. You will need one for both proceedings: the ALR hearing and the criminal DWI case. Do your research and find a lawyer who understands the science behind DWI defense. He or she should also be expert in debunking the flawed tools like breath and blood tests as well as roadside sobriety tests that law enforcement uses to unfairly gather evidence to be used against you.

A DWI attorney will walk you through the details of the arrest and help you make the right decisions with the goal of making the rest of the legal journey more effective and in your favor.

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